Running a Venue?

Working with Loose Ends to Boost Business couldn't be simpler

Encourage our app users to visit you by keeping us up to date with your current offers. Watch this video to learn more...

1. Get Started

First, use Loose Ends to highlight offers at your venue. Drop us a line with any offers or events you are running and we will add them to our database.

2. Get Seen

Users will see these offers via the Loose End app and then create their events (known as a 'Loose End') to meet up with their mates and come to your venue.

3. Get Going

Our Users go out somewhere new - your venue - and you get your new regulars. Win-win!

Want to get started with Loose Ends?

Simply email [email protected] or call Daniel on 07793-868387

Organise your social time with Loose Ends